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Advanced Selfie #1

My first “advanced” selfie, 20 minutes from our home this is the view, I decided to bring some of my gear on one of our walks.: (links) Canon 80D Sigma 17-55mm Vanguard Alta Tripod The […]


SU-27 Flanker

The Russian SU-27 Flanker, right after touchdown. Canon 80D Sigma 150-600 C ISO 640 f/8.


Tools of today

“The tools of today” 1/500 sec, F/8 86mm, ISO 100. Canon 80D


The EH-101 Merlin

I finally got my arse out of my house, I packed my gear and vent to the Danish Airshow in Aalborg. I got a fairly amount of “nice shots” here are one of them. Canon […]



I was making American pancakes one morning and noticed the reflection in the kitchen counter. Canon 80D f/3.5 1/40 sec. ISO-1250 50mm


Christmas Tree

I finally got around to getting the Christmas Tree inside the house and getting some stuff on it: Canon 80D, F/3.5, 1.6sec, 18mm kit lense. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!


The workout

I was trying out my new Yongnuo 600ex-rt ii with the Youngnuo E3 Radio transmitter. The result is the image above. The setup: Canon 80D Kit Lense 18-55mm Canon 1 Lightstand 1 Yongnuo 600ex-rt speedlight […]



I took this picture on my trip to Africa, this was taken with my canon T2I rebel, and 300mm Canon lens.