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I was out looking for “my” wild fox, I found it. I went out looking for the fox I’ve been keeping an eye on, and he was there. All was pictures was taken with the […]


Fox and Hawks

A few miles from my home, we have a wide variety of danish wildlife. Taken with Canon 80D, Sigma 150-600mm


A trip in the woods

I got this fellow just when he noticed me in the fields As I was getting close the edge of the forest I got this Canon 80D, Sigma 150-600mm @600mm 1/200 Sec, f/8.0, ISO 400


Hunting in the sunset

Canon 80D 1/800 sec, f/8, 600mm


Take the time

I had a plan to go out with my Corgi and do some photography, after work it was getting cloudy and kinda moody in the weather. I was kind of thinking, “Heck, lets do it […]


Between the leafs

With a macro lens you really do see another world I was looking for something new to shoot, so I took my Sigma 150mm Macro lens, the canon 80D and I was rummig around in […]



Captured in the garden right before noon Shot this using the Canon 80D, Sigma 150mm Macro Lense, 1/80 sec, F/5.0, ISO 400. I had to get down on my knees for this one, but you […]


A morning at the lake

One morning since I couldn’t sleep anyway I thought I would pack my gear and drive out to the nearest lake, 10 minute drive and 5 shots later I got this. The image have been through both […]